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#FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Botox Party!

Firstworldwhitegirls Botox Party
Posted in Local Area & Events at 29 May, 2017

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls are throwing the most exclusive party in town and you're invited. Grab a botox cocktail and join the girls for an outrageous hour of confessions, makeovers, celebrity worship and backstabbing in this hilarious celebration of first wo...

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Joh for PM by Stephen Carleton and Paul Hodge

Joh For Pm By Stephen Carleton And Paul Hodge
Posted in Local Area & Events at 13 May, 2017

There's no business like Joh business! The musical comedy satirizes the bizarre events that occurred in Australian politics during the Bjelke-Petersen reign. Set at a fundraiser for Joh in 1987, audiences will want to sing along to original tunes such as...

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